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Matter of Resistance

Author: Raymond Vogel

ISBN: 9780989312837
Pages: 318
Description: The start of the book instantly caught my interest. The battle between earth inhabitants (Earthicans), and Mars inhabitants (Marsians) are determined to break through Mars’ defense structures. Neither side trusts each other, but each side as a lot to lose if war breaks out.

They try to maintain a sense of normalcy, but the underlying threat cannot be ignored.

As usual when the threat of war looms, there are those that want to maintain peace, while others looking to advance their weapons to prepare to fight. A paramilitary group is established on both sides to advance their chances of winning. Marsians have their own unique and sophisticated weapon called the ‘shield’; this is what the Earthicans have to breach in order to get to Mars.

The definite highlight of this book is the child characters that are advanced beyond their years, making it easy to forget that they are just children. As each generation on Mars grows, their intelligence progresses with it.

Although there are many Earthicans that want to breach Mars, there are some that are determined to help Marsians survive an attack, or warn them of an impending one.

The cost of wanting profit versus caring about lives just reminds me of even though this actual event did not occur; all too often in war, profit over-rides human life. Many innocent people die because of some people’s selfish ambition.

An addictive read, feeling as if I have to closely read it as I might miss something. The more I read, the more involved with the characters I get. A vital aspect to any good novel, being able to connect with the characters.

The battle of wits and weaponry show who is the superior race. Excitement and tension build up as Earthicans try to dominate the Marsians.

When a character dies, it fuels the desire for revenge and feeling the need for war instead of peace. Actions done cannot be undone, the event forever changing the characters.

The ending was unexpected. Innovativeness proves successful over sheer aggressive force. A unique story, that although some may not perceive as realistic, proves to be just that. The way it is written makes the plot seem almost plausible, getting lost amongst the character’s stories.

I could easily see this as a movie, as the dramatic unfolding of the events, and the aspect of another planet would be great to watch.

4/5 stars

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