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Ruin – Part One

Author: Deborah Bladon

Pages: 87
Description: Sitting next to a stranger on a flight from Boston to New York City alters the entire course of Kayla Monroe’s life. In her quest to escape the pain of rejection she jumps into the bed of an irresistible man who offers her a night that she’ll never forget.

Their connection is fierce and undeniable. When their paths cross again, a twist of fate brings her to the realization that the man she’s using to mend her broken heart is Dr. Ben Foster, a compassionate and respected physician.

Warnings about his past threaten Kayla’s future. She knows she should believe the rumors, but the moments she spends in his arms, and in his bed, wash away any doubt in her mind.

She sees a future with Ben but those closest to her won’t let her forget that the man she’s falling for has left a path of ruin in his wake that may impact her in a way she never saw coming.
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