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The Minders

Author: Max Boroumand

Pages: 252
Description: Iran’s most secretive covert operation is revealed in, The Minders, a thriller about a complex terror plot triggered by text messages, which in turn unearths three decades of clandestine work.

The unwitting terrorists include the CEO of a multi-billion dollar American company, a division head at the World Health Organization, and a Stanford graduate with a doctorate in mechanical engineering. The story dives deep into the ease by which several highly placed and successful Iranian-Americans react to coercion, partaking in a massive terror plot, all controlled by a reconstituted division of SAVAK, Iran’s old secret police.

The global reach and power of this decades old division closes all normal avenues of support, requiring unconventional help. Jason Caius, a Farsi and Arabic language teacher at the Monterey Defense Language Institute, with a secretive past and a friend to the CEO, is that help. Jason utilizes his extensive network of relationships cultivated over years of working in Iran, Iraq, and across Europe, to do whatever is necessary to help save his friend and quash the ill-fated terror plot. His adventures take him across the US and Europe, through Turkey, culminating in Iran and Iraq, with action and plot twists in every town.
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