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Author: Thomas Perry

ISBN: 9780151012893
Pages: 448
Description: Six years ago, Jack Till helped Wendy Harper disappear. But now her ex-boyfriend and former business partner, Eric Fuller, is being framed for her presumed murder in an effort to smoke her out, and Till must find her before tango-dancing assassins Paul and Sylvie Turner do.The Turners are merely hired to do a job, though, and prefer to remain anonymous. When they find that a middleman has let the true employer know their identities, finishing the job is no longer enough. Their fee just went up. And now they must double-cross the man who wants Wendy dead before he can double-cross them–if their jealousy and cold-blooded calculations don’t result in a fatal lovers’ quarrel first.With masterful plotting and unnerving psychological insight, Perry delivers another mesmerizing thrill ride.
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