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Emma Jean Lazarus Fell in Love

Author: Lauren Tarshis

ISBN: 9780803733213
Pages: 176
Description: Emma-Jean is experiencing something new and unsettling, but not entirely unpleasant. It?s a fluttering in her heart when she imagines herself asking Will to the seventh-grade dance. Her best friend Colleen is worried that Will might laugh if Emma-Jean invites him. After all, Emma-Jean is a different kind of girl?certainly different from queen-bee Laura, who has always made it clear that Will is hers. Maybe Colleen can distract Emma- Jean from this risky plan by recruiting her for a top-secret investigation. You see, Colleen has an anonymous admirer, and if Emma-Jean can help her figure out who he is, then Colleen could ask him to the dance. Even more endearing and genuine than its predecessor, this companion to the award-winning Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree steals your heart and inspires a smile that lasts as long as the novel itself. . . and longer.
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