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The Princess’s Dragon

Author: Susan Trombley

ISBN: 9781450205993
Pages: 255
Description: Flanked by two lovely and graceful sisters, Princess Casiondra Falanell Cristalona Ariva – Sondra to her family – doesn’t feel confident or beautiful. In fact, she’s an unconventional princess who spends her days trying to disprove the nonsensical ideas of magic and myth.

As she stands on the edge of achieving the life she has only dreamed about, Sondra’s handsome suitor, Derek, prepares to propose, and her poverty-stricken kingdom of Ariva uncovers a valuable resource that will change its future forever.

Everything seems perfect in Sondra’s life until she encounters a wizard who transforms her into a monstrous dragon. Forced to flee from the man she adores, Sondra blunders into the territory of Tolmac, a powerful and ancient black dragon.

Instead of killing her as she anticipates, Tolmac takes her under his wing, unknowingly training the human princess in the fine art of being a dragon. As Sondra soon discovers, she must constantly sacrifice to make the right choices as she grows to love and admire her new mentor. With her homeland poised on the brink of war, Sondra finds herself facing an unbearable decision; she must choose between her heart and her duty to her country.

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